Useful Information for Farmers

1. Agromet Advisory Bulletins (AABs): On the basis of medium range weather forecast (5-10 days), Agromet Advisory Bulletins for Dehradun, Haridwar and Pauri Garhwal districts have been prepared regularly on every Tuesday and Friday. These AABs are uploaded over IMD website. Farmers of concerned districts can have obtained these AABs over site of IMD.

2. SMS to the Farmers: Weather alerts and agromet advisories are being disseminated to the farmers of these three districts regularly on every Tuesday and Friday through short message services (SMS) over mobile phones. Stakeholders can get these services to visit home page. Presently 40956 farmers are registered to receive such SMSs.The farmers can directly have registered themselves for this SMS service through IMD webpage

3. Facebook page: Looking to the wider application of social media, a Facebook page entitled “Gramin Krishi Mausam Sewa” has been running to disseminate the weather updates and agromet advisories to the stakeholders. The stakeholders can join this on Facebook page.

4. Twitter Account: A twitter account @amfuroorkee also exist to provide the weather information and Agromet advisories to the stakeholders. Stakeholders can follow this on twitter account to get latest weather updates and agromet advisories.

5. Mobile App: To provide weather information and weather based agromet advisories at any time to the farmers/ stakeholders of the region, Mausam” mobile app has been launched on 04-03-2020. Farmers/ stakeholder can Download the Mausam app from the Google play store. Click Here

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